Artiphon iOS App

app iconPlatform: iOS iPod, iPhone, iPad
Available for free from the Apple App store


This is the iOS companion app for the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. Connect the INSTRUMENT 1 device to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using the provided USB-to-Lightning cable, download the Artiphon app, and immediately start exploring and combining an intuitive palette of musical sounds, techniques, and features.

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Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor (Beta)

Platform: Mac OS X, Windows PC
Available for free here: Mac OS X  | Windows PC


The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor (currently in beta) is an interface for customizing the settings of your INSTRUMENT 1. Combine techniques, tunings, and features to create and save custom presets. Control how your INSTRUMENT 1 interfaces with MIDI-enabled software (such as Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools) on your Mac or PC.

Please find a user guide here:
Using the Mac/PC INSTRUMENT 1 Editor

We are seeking user feedback on this beta release. We invite you to share feedback via Thanks!





Artiphon Staff Picks for GarageBand OS X

Platform: Mac OS X
Available to download here.

Tutorial for Building a Song here

These sounds were selected and customized by the Artiphon staff to work especially well with the INSTRUMENT 1. If you’re new to GarageBand, this is a good place to get started. If you’re already savvy with Apple music-making software, this project can act as a jumping-off point and a place to get ideas for making fun sounds on the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1.



Artiphon Staff Picks for Native Instruments Kontakt Player

Platform: PC and Mac OS X 
View downloads and instructions here

The Native Instruments Kontakt Player is a free sampler for PC and Mac that can be used to play virtual instruments with the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. The Artiphon Staff Picks download features sounds selected by the Artiphon team and have been configured to work especially well with the INSTRUMENT 1.