Artiphon Sessions: The Phronetic

Beatmaker extraordinaire The Phronetic¬†recently took to the bustling streets of NYC to show how he creates his music. His song “Move” was made using only the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 and his own voice.

From jamming on the couch to subway spontaneity, The Phronetic puts the INSTRUMENT 1 through its paces and crafts an original beat production using the multi-instrument’s various playing methods and modes.

Follow The Phronetic from the pavement to the rooftops as he uses Smart Strum to lay down effervescent keys with one-finger chords, knocks out blistering hi-hat patterns with the INSTRUMENT 1’s Pad mode, and records a blazing bass line using the Strum method on the fingerboard.¬†Don’t blink or you might miss how The Phronetic also triggers effects using the Tilt feature and starry synths using the INSTRUMENT 1’s Grid mode.


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