10 Reasons to Love the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 ♥️


There are many reasons to love the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, but you'll find ten of our favorites below! What are yours? Be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

1. Multiple positions – Choose the way you want to play using ergonomic positions such as guitar, lap, tabletop, upright, and violin.

2. Familiar techniques – Strum, tap, slide, and bow your favorite sounds all on a single interface.

3. Custom tunings – Select from a list of popular tunings (Open G or Banjo for strummed presets, for example) or customize alternate tunings for an instrument that will go as far as your imagination.

4. Fretted and fretless playability – Take your string skills to the next level with 12 traditional frets or slide continously between notes using the INSTRUMENT 1's fretless mode.

5. Onboard transposition – Instantly re-tune to any key using the built-in capo buttons that go up, down, and can transpose full octaves.

6. String bend – Digital strings that break the rules (and never break). Bends strings using the velocity and pressure-sensitive fingerboard for additional expression.

7. iOS compatible – Leave the computer at home and take your music-making with you anywhere. Connect to the free Artiphon iOS app and hundreds of others while on-the-go including GarageBand, Moog's Model 15, Groovebox, and KORG Gadget, and many more.

8. Stereo speakers – Jam out loud at the writing session with the INSTRUMENT 1's built-in stereo speakers or use the onboard headphone jack for stealth mode on the subway.

9. All day battery – Find inspiration anywhere, not just near a plug, with 6+ hours of playing time on a single charge while using the built-in speakers, and hours more if using headphones.

10. Compatible with everything MIDI – Whether playing 80s chip tune leads or the latest Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) enabled software synths, the INSTRUMENT 1 connects to all of your favorite DAWs, such as Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Ableton Live,  Cubase, Pro Tools, and more.

Go beyond the touchscreen with the most versatile, expressive MIDI controller that adapts to you – the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1.