Artist Spotlight: Caleb Hawley

Photo courtesy of the artist

Photo courtesy of the artist

It’s our pleasure to present New York-based singer-songwriter Caleb Hawley as part of our ongoing Artist Spotlight series. The Artist Spotlight is our regular deep dive into the creative processes and personal journeys of musicians and makers in the Artiphon community. You can find previous entries in our Artist Spotlight series here, and get to know Caleb and his music-making below!

Citing such inspirations and influences as Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Randy Newman, Hawley’s inward reflections on personal relationships and self care float blissfully over perfectly-crafted pop productions. Drawing from personal experience and expertly marrying vulnerable subject matter with an eclectic sonic palette, the Minneapolis-born musician and producer’s sound is self-described as, “Raw lyrics and somber themes sweetened by pop beats, androgynous vocals, and sensuality inspired by the Minneapolis sound of the 80s and dance rock.” Additionally, Caleb’s work prompts social critique by ”peering at the glamorous facades in society.”


Be sure to listen to Caleb’s “Minute of Your Love” sketch, made exclusively using the INSTRUMENT 1 for the Ace Hotel’s Artists in Residence program and 2017’s tender “Love, Drugs, & Decisions” below. For those of you just joining us, Artiphon recently partnered with the Ace Hotel New York to curate their AIR lineup this past August, and you can read more about Caleb’s process over on the Ace Hotel blog and find more of his work on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Stay tuned to our socials and the Artiphon blog for more in-depth interviews, videos, and new music from the Artist Spotlight series!

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