Artist Spotlight: T-Pain

Photo courtesy of “Mind Massage” via Fuse

Photo courtesy of “Mind Massage” via Fuse

Music and technology coming together to make something so accessible, so fun. Basically, anybody can become a musician. I’m in this gigantic studio full of equipment – big board, all this gear, all this rack stuff – and I didn’t need any of it. This is what the future looks like now. Get used to it.
— T-Pain

“T-Pain’s School of Business” shines a light on innovative entrepreneurs, combining T-Pain’s passion for music, technology, and forward-thinking ideas, with the two-time Grammy award-winning producer/rapper/songwriter providing his own colorful commentary and professional insights. Artiphon founders Mike and Jacob recently sat down with the King of Auto-Tune himself for the debut episode of “T-Pain’s School of Business” on Fuse. Watch the full segment below and see what happens when T-Pain puts his signature style on a track made exclusively with the INSTRUMENT 1!

(As a bonus, you can also check out an ASMR studio session with T-Pain and some of his favorite “mind massaging” picks including the INSTRUMENT 1 here)

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