Artist Spotlight: Rodney Hazard – "Nomad"

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Brooklyn producer Rodney Hazard is taking flight with his new single “Nomad,” from the upcoming EP What Keeps You Up At Night? Made with the help of the INSTRUMENT 1, Rodney weaves together lucid synth lines, ambient textures, and explosive beats to compose dystopian soundscapes that transport you into the future. You can watch the full video for “Nomad” below and find it streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.


Reflecting on the new record, Rodney explains, “For ‘Nomad’ I wanted to create something jarring through the use of textures that felt lush and unique. I was looking to create a feeling similar to the experience of traveling to uncharted territory. I built all of the textures and drums using the I1 and created some interesting effects using the tilt feature. Will be fun to perform!”

This month, we’re proud to present Rodney Hazard for our new Artist Spotlight feature, a month-long series dedicated to the creative processes and personal journeys of musicians and makers in the Artiphon community. You can find previous entries from the Artist Spotlight series here, and stay tuned to the Artiphon blog and social media this month to see where Rodney is headed next – never sleep.

jacob gordon