A Video Update from Artiphon’s Founder, Mike Butera

I hope your springtime is off to a wonderful start. So much has happened here at Artiphon recently, and our creative community keeps growing and innovating in such amazing ways. I’m excited to share our most recent Artiphon video update with you. It highlights what we’ve been able to achieve so far with the support of our backers, partners, and users, and the road ahead is equally inspiring. We’re opening doors into music education, virtual reality, and revolutionary products that will make music more intuitive, enjoyable, and accessible than ever before.

If you’d like to learn about opportunities to partner with Artiphon as we grow, please visit our Fundable and CrowdVest pages, or contact us directly at growth@artiphon.com.

We look forward to the future as we reinvent the musical instrument for everyone.

Dr. Mike Butera Founder & CEO