Artiphon + Groovebox

The latest update for the Groovebox iOS app by Ampify and Novation (Price: Free – download in the Apple App Store) has added MIDI controller support, and when combined with the newest feature for the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, Smart Strum, mobile music-making has never been more fun or as intuitive. See how electronic music artist Taetro quickly makes a beat using the INSTRUMENT 1 and the Groovebox app.

Featuring two powerful synthesizers and a robust drum machine, Groovebox is a mobile music-production program that is both easy on the eyes and wallet alike. It includes:

  • Retrobass – a fully-featured analog subtractive bass synthesizer that contains a number of effects parameters including distortion, waveform, pitch & filter cutoff controls. Perfect for those wide & grimy basslines.
  • Poly-8 – an eight-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer featuring 20 presets and 100 patterns. Distortion, delay, envelope sliders, filter cutoff, and pitch oscillators provide ample user control for creating that perfect lead line.
  • Drumbox – the perfect tool for aspiring beat-makers and veteran musicians looking to flesh out a song and bring it all together. Groovebox's free Essentials Soundpack contains over 8 custom drum kits, 16 pads, and 100 patterns for laying down the perfect rhythm track.

When combined with the INSTRUMENT 1, Inter-App Audio, and Ableton Live Export functionality, Groovebox makes the dream of a fully-featured-music-studio-on-the-go a reality, going beyond the touchscreen. And learn more about the INSTRUMENT 1's newest feature, Smart Strum, here. Happy music-making!

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