Community Roundup: Battle of the Beats

We're not fooling around, the amazing creations that Artiphon players have been making with the INSTRUMENT 1 in April are off the charts. Keep reading to see the best of this month's Community Roundup including blazing beat productions, arpeggiators galore, a very special giveaway, and even a Ferris wheel or two!


The ever-inspiring artist, activist, drummer, and music producer Kiran Gandhi, a.k.a. Madame Gandhi, recently gave us a colorful, behind-the-scenes look at how the INSTRUMENT 1 fits into her workflow. Having lent her musical talents to the outspoken and often-controversial rapper & musician M.I.A., Madame Gandhi now channels her own vibrant energy into creating socially-conscious dialogues at the intersection of art, music, and activism. Scroll through to see how she creates cosmic vibes for her Ableton Live set and the song “Life Is So Good” using the INSTRUMENT 1's built-in arpeggiator. Be sure to keep up with Madame Gandhi over on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more interdisciplinary inspiration.


Regular readers of the Community Roundup are sure to recognize Artiphon all-star and electronic producer Taetro. The MIDI controller connoisseur is back with a killer triple-threat-beat-battle between the INSTRUMENT 1, Seaboard Block, and the Akai MPC Live. Here, Taetro uses the I1's various presets and playing techniques to make two totally distinct instrumental tracks; check how he interweaves sliding synth leads with the INSTRUMENT 1's Fretless mode, summons atmospheric chords using the Piano preset, and lays down intricate electronic drum patterns before shifting into overdrive with a lively synthwave showcase. Follow Taetro over on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for more music production tips, hardware reviews, software integrations, and more!


Earlier this month, Brooklyn art director and musician Rodney Hazard also built his latest track, “Turbulence,” with multi-platinum producer Chef Pasquale and some help from the INSTRUMENT 1. Listen to a snippet above, and check out the full song over on SoundCloud and Audiomack. Speaking to the INSTRUMENT 1's adaptability, Rodney explains, “I used the I1 to a few melodic layers and some of the drums on Turbulence because it let me be versatile with my choice of sounds without having to reach for another tool. The use of the I1 not only helped me fully finish the song but allowed me to create in a way that translates into an explosive live performance. I look forward to continuing to create with the I1 and making more noise!" Don't sleep on this one – stay in the loop with all of Rodney's endeavors via Instagram, SoundCloud, and Twitter.


We were also blown away by fellow Brooklynite Yang Wang's stirring comparison between a Chinese erhu sound played on the INSTRUMENT 1 and its real-life counterpart. With their minimalist music trio, The Either, Wang and her bandmates Li Zong & Jiaju Shen combine traditional Asian instruments with a futuristic blend of pop, prog, and indie-electronica. Hear more from The Either over on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


Artiphon, Ferris wheels, and Fretless mode oh my! Grammy-nominated musician, writer, and video producer Sean Kantrowitz recently recorded an exciting instrumental track with his INSTRUMENT 1 at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. Check out the modern renaissance man’s multi-instrument adventure in the video above which features Smart Strum synths, punchy drums, and soaring lead lines all performed on the INSTRUMENT 1 set against a thrilling theme park setting. Like what you hear? Follow Sean over on Instagram for more MIDI goodness.


Also in April is Sanjay C’s ongoing I1 giveaway in which one lucky winner will receive an extra special INSTRUMENT 1 signed by Artiphon’s founder and inventor Mike Butera. Check out the video above for the full details, and don’t forget to subscribe to Sanjay’s YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook page for regular giveaways, gear reviews, covers, and original productions.

Stay tuned to the Artiphon blog and our Community Performances playlist on YouTube for more creations from the extended Artiphon-iverse. Be sure to tag @Artiphon and the #INSTRUMENT1 in your own posts and videos on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, as well – you may even see yourself featured in a future Community Roundup. Happy music-making!