Community Roundup: Dueling Hallelujahs

2017 has been an amazing year at Artiphon, and it certainly would not have been the same without our tremendous community of creators! See some of our favorite user picks from December below including futuristic odes to a Leonard Cohen classic, 80s synthwave jams, this year in mobile music-making, and more. We can't wait to see what 20-great-teen brings to the table!

This month we were treated not only to one but two fantastic INSTRUMENT 1 covers of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Multi-media wizard Jeremy Leaird-Koch (better known as Red Means Recording) and producer/beatmaker/enthusiast of all things MIDI, Taetro, each put their own 2017 spin on the classic song. Both artists use the INSTRUMENT 1 to stunning effect in their renditions, utilizing the instrument's various features from Smart Strum to triggering samples in Pad Mode. See more from Red Means Recording and Taetro over on YouTube.


Sound sculptor Carlos Martorell a.k.a. Shoeg is back with his unique brand of electronica, this time at the MIRA Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Using his own custom Max for Live patches, visuals made in Unity, and the INSTRUMENT 1 (in combination with an FM synth), Carlos continues to push the boundaries of live musical performance. In signature fashion, this Shoeg set overloads the senses with glitched-out noise works and ambient explorations that poke & prod and blur the lines between the digital and analog worlds. Check out more from Carlos via Bandcamp.


Sarah Santana (known to the internet as Sarah, the !llstrumentalist) dropped some knowledge earlier in December with this video, showcasing some of her favorite iPad Pro apps for on-the-go beatmaking. Beginning at 2:39, Sarah walks us through the free Artiphon iOS app using the INSTRUMENT 1. Here, she demonstrates how to save presets to the instrument (such as some Jill Scott progressions) and creatively uses the I1 with GarageBand for iOS + Yonac's KASPAR app to strum fuzzed out synth chords. View Sarah's full list of recommendations above, and follow her channel on YouTube for more!


While recuperating from his regular dastardly doings over the holiday break, Cobra Commander returned with some 80s-inspired synthwave for your listening pleasure. Wielding the INSTRUMENT 1 and the Roland JU-06 module, Cobra uses the I1's Tap method to play nostalgic synthesizer leads – perfect for neon-lit Miami nights or cruising down Pacific Coast Highway at sunrise. See more of Cobra Commander's world musical domination here.


Is your New Year's resolution to play more music? We think that's a beautiful idea. From all of us at Artiphon, here's wishing you a very inspired new year. This track features tap grid vibraphone, a tap pad percussion track, fretless slide upright bass, and a fretted strummed harpsichord (and was created entirely with the INSTRUMENT 1 and Apple's Logic Pro X). We're excited to see what all you dream up in 2018 – merry-music making!

And you know the drill; don't forget to check out the Community Performances playlist over on YouTube for more INSTRUMENT 1 submissions from players across the globe, and join the conversation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Be sure to tag @Artiphon and the #INSTRUMENT1 in your posts on socials, and you may even see yourself featured in an upcoming Community Roundup!