Community Roundup: Boom Bap Attack

While there may still be six weeks of winter left, Artiphon players from all corners of the world have been springing into action on the INSTRUMENT 1. From P!NK to Lynyrd Skynyrd and back, see some of our favorite projects from the Artiphoniverse this month in February's Community Roundup below.


Long-time readers of the Community Roundup may recognize INSTRUMENT 1 aficionado Will Podolak from his series of I1 covers. With this latest video, Will delivers a futuristic take on the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic, "Simple Man," using Serum synths and samples from Splice. He certainly pulled out all the stops for this one: watch how Will taps vibey synth melodies in Fretted and Fretless modes, lays down an electronic beat (and performs drum fills down the bridge), and even controls dynamic effects with the INSTRUMENT 1's new volume knob mapping feature. See other INSTRUMENT 1 covers by Will over on his YouTube channel.


Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Wong returns this month and is joined by the talented Jaime Teo for a delightful cover of P!NK's "Just Give Me A Reason." Featuring lovely vocal harmonies, springy guitar and bass accompaniment, and piano + drum parts performed on the INSTRUMENT 1, we can think of a number of reasons to love this video! What are yours? Check out Andrew's other INSTRUMENT 1 compositions in past Community Roundups, and you can follow him and Jaime on Instagram for more musical inspiration.


Gabriel Uchikawa is back in February with another stylish Ableton Live looping session on the INSTRUMENT 1. Watch as the Ireland-based electronic producer creates a cosmic kaleidoscope of sound, with starry synth lines, bass, and snappy drum patterns weaving in and out through space  – all in real-time. And check out those production values! Like what you see and hear? Enjoy more of Gabriel's inter-stellar looping videos over on YouTube.


Musician and tech enthusiast Sanjay C recently took the INSTRUMENT 1 to an Ableton Live community meetup in Washington D.C. and documented his experience. You can download our own Ableton Live session template for the INSTRUMENT 1 here (which is MPE compatible), and if you missed it – watch Sanjay's candid INSTRUMENT 1 unboxing + review for hands-on impressions and cameos from some furry friends! Keep up with Sanjay C on Instagram and YouTube for colorful hardware reviews, software demos, and more.


And to celebrate the release of the new debut album from The PhroneticRe:, check out a track from the record above titled "Move!" Produced using the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, Re: showcases Alejandro Lombardi's soulful boom bap hip-hop production and ear for memorable melodies. Be sure to watch The Phronetic's Artiphon Session for "Move!" and listen to + support Re: on SoundCloud and The Phronetic's website – available now.

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