Community Roundup: Multi-instrument Mashups

A new year means a new Community Roundup, and Artiphon players across the globe wasted no time in creating some amazing new works using the INSTRUMENT 1. We kept warm in January with blazing beat productions, user reviews, INSTRUMENT 1 albums, pop-rock mashups, and more! Keep scrolling for this month's Community Roundup, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on social media.


"Mind frickin' blown... This is a pick up and play instantly instrument" – Sanjay C.

Music tech enthusiast Sanjay C. recently got hands on the INSTRUMENT 1 and filmed his reaction, from unboxing to playing his very first notes. Joined by a furry friend, Sanjay puts the INSTRUMENT 1 through its paces and various playing techniques with the Artiphon iOS app, exploring the Guitar, Violin, Drums, and Piano presets before shredding in GarageBand for iOS. Just look at that guitar face! Follow Sanjay over on YouTube for more colorful hardware reviews, demos, tech talk, and more.


Community Roundup veteran, producer, and beatmaker Sarah Santana aka Sarah, the !llstrumentalist is back at it again – this time, using the INSTRUMENT 1 and Output's Analog Strings bundle to sketch out three quick beats. Channeling the spirit of J Dilla, Sarah uses the INSTRUMENT 1's Smart Strum feature to lay down soulful chords and vibey textures, cooking up some futuristic hip-hop instrumentals in just a few minutes. Stay tuned to the end of the video for her regularly-scheduled Beat of the Week, and don't forget to subscribe to Sarah's channel on YouTube for more!


Wayward musician, music coordinator, and instructor Wayne Leechford returns this month with his new project, Kattalax, and the band's self-titled debut. Collaborating with longtime friend Paul Gallant, Wayne used the INSTRUMENT 1 to write and record many of the final tracks on the album. Exchanging ideas and parts of songs asynchronously, a la The Postal Service, the duo make use of the instrument's Tap mode and Guitar preset to lay down bounding bass lines and ear-grabbing melodies from their respective studios before piecing them together. The result is a smokey saxophone-filled electronic exploration that journeys from cyberpunk alleyways to the stars and back.

Via Bandcamp: "Wayne Leechford and Paul Gallant have been friends and musical collaborators since the early 1990s. Their previous bands together have included My Kat Randi, Scientific Superstar and Battlestar Canada. In the summer of 2016, they formed a new band that would be a vehicle for the exploration of beat making and song writing. This eponymous, debut album is a product of exchanging song ideas via cloud and then elaborating on the ideas over time - only getting together in person for the crucial stages of production." See more from Kattalax via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


The new year also saw a new INSTRUMENT 1 live looping session from electronic producer Gabriel Uchikawa. In this video, Gabriel uses Ableton Live and the INSTRUMENT 1's Guitar preset to strum a downtempo bass line as digital waves wash over a starry melody. Note how he transitions to the Drum preset and taps out a Nujabes-esque beat in Pad mode before recording interweaving synth lead lines, all in real time. Check out more from Gabriel on YouTube here.


Towards the end of January, multi-instrumentalist Dave Perry also treated us to this thunderous mashup of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Feel It Still" by Portugal. the Man. Enlisting the help of his brother Chris for vocals, Perry uses the INSTRUMENT 1 to record some rhythmic strings using Tap mode and the Guitar preset, complimenting his impressive traditional guitar and bass skills (not to mention his own heavy metal vocals). Check out more of Dave's original music and covers on his channel, including a creative interpretation of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek."


And the covers kept on coming, as Durham Academy's OrchesTrio group rounded out the month with their own rendition of Peter, Paul and Mary's "Blowin In the Wind." Touting not one, not two, but three INSTRUMENT 1s, the bluegrass trio pay homage to the revered '60s folk group with stirring vocal harmonies and lively acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele arrangements on the INSTRUMENT 1. See how it compares against the original here.

As always, don’t forget to check out the Community Performances playlist over on YouTube for more INSTRUMENT 1 creations. See what other members of the Artiphon community are saying on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter as well, and be sure to tag @Artiphon and the #INSTRUMENT1 in your own posts on social media – you may even see yourself featured in an upcoming Community Roundup!