Community Roundup: MIDI in Motion

With Spring in full bloom, it's time to see what user-submissions have been blossoming this past month in our regularly-scheduled Community Roundup. Breezy beats, innovative covers, and the entire history of music are sure to put a spring in your step! Scroll on to see what made the roundup in March.


Artiphon’s own Adam McHeffey delivered a stunning musical history of instruments and innovation at the Superhuman Summit 2017, titled “Back to the Start.” Now, we can relive the magic on demand!

In Adam’s own words, “When asked to prepare a piece of music for the Superhuman Summit, I wanted to create something that was uniquely ‘Artiphon.’ As a team, we are so heavily influenced by the musical technologies that have come before us, and I wanted to nod to a handful of them. You’ll notice the music opens with nothing but the human voice and drums. Throughout the piece, we make pit stops at wind and string instruments. Ultimately, the timeline leads us to more contemporary instruments like electric guitar, Moog synthesizers, and a set of sounds that could only be accomplished with our first product, the INSTRUMENT 1."


Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Jay E recently got his hands on the INSTRUMENT 1 and wasted no time in taking it out of the studio for an on-the-go beat session. Having collaborated with the likes of Justin Timberlake, E-40, and fellow St. Louis staple Nelly, Jay E expertly translates his years of production experience to the instrument. Check out how he layers trunk-rattling drums, fretless synth melodies, and even employs Smart Strum and the INSTRUMENT 1's new volume knob mapping feature to great effect. To see more from Jay E, keep up with his work over on Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud.


This month, music and tech enthusiast Sanjay C recorded an extra special cover of “Feel No Ways” by Drake. In his version, Sanjay combines the INSTRUMENT 1 with MoveMIDI to control digital strings in entirely new and dynamic ways. Watch the video above to see how Sanjay builds the track and rockets digital musical production & expression into exciting new territory. Like what you hear? Subscribe to Sanjay's YouTube channel for more like this!

As described by its creator, Tim Arterbury, "MoveMIDI is a virtual reality musical instrument that translates your movements in physical space into musical notes and changes over time. It uses a combination of custom software and virtual reality hardware, to send MIDI Note & Control Change signals to any DAW software or hardware that supports MIDI."


Long-time followers of Artiphon are sure to recognize the signature electronic cool of producer and beatmaker Taetro. The MIDI maestro is back at it again with another laidback groove on the INSTRUMENT 1, perfect for some early morning synthspiration. Check how Taetro lays down atmospheric lead lines and taps out snappy drum patterns in Ableton Live using the INSTRUMENT 1's various playing modes. Be sure to follow Taetro over on YouTube and Instagram for more wavy beats, hardware reviews, and more.LAIDBACK BEATS BY TAETRO


Artiphon and High School Nation have teamed up to spread the joy of concert-going and music-making to hundreds of schools across the US, and you can catch a glimpse of the fun above. Awesome people doing awesome work with even more awesome kids! Learn more about HSN's mission and how to turn schools in your area into unforgettable festival experiences here.


Filmed against the natural beauty of their native Buenos Aires, Argentina, the electro-rock group Los Condors also recorded their 2018 take on Depeche Mode's synth-pop classic "Enjoy The Silence" earlier in March. Incorporating the INSTRUMENT 1 alongside traditional synthesizers, drum machines, and those iconic guitar melodies, the dynamic foursome pay fitting tribute to the original with their own contemporary and uniquely futuristic rendition. Hear more from Los Condors via Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

As always, you can see what other Artiphon players around the world have been cooking up in our Community Performances playlist on YouTube, and be sure to stay in the loop via FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Remember to tag @Artiphon and the #INSTRUMENT1 in your own posts and videos as well – you may even see yourself featured in a future Community Roundup. Happy music-making!