Community Roundup - May '17


As we spring into summer, it's once again time to highlight the creativity that people all around the world are "tapping" into with the INSTRUMENT 1. The month of May brought all sorts of inspiring videos and photos from the Artiphon community: from professional studios to the driver's seat, from street buskers to cartoon super-villains. Check out this month's roundup below, and when you're ready to share your own, be sure to use the @Artiphon handle and #INSTRUMENT1 hashtag!

Artiphon Sessions: Stanton Edward

Nashville's own multitalented guitarist and producer Stanton Edward recently took time away from his day-to-day with The Wallflowers to create some lush, hypnotic loops in the studio using the INSTRUMENT 1 and his newly-launched audio plugin SEA Looper for Ableton Live.

Knights of Synthonia

Instagram user Andrew Wong recently shared this robo-tastic rendition of Muse's "Starlight" that immediately caught the eyes and ears of all of us here in the Artiphon offices. Awesome integration with KORG Gadget (iOS/Mac) and nice on-the-fly audio mixing chops, too! Be sure to keep up with Andrew on social media at @at_onement.

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Jeff Smith, engaging multi-instrumentalist and staple of the Artiphon community forum, plucked out this stripped-down cover of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" on the INSTRUMENT 1 in his "rolling studio" earlier this month. Check out his other covers here, including a soulful take on Led Zeppelin's "Going to California."


Forgoing world domination for synthwave awesomeness, Cobra Commander himself took some much-needed R&R in May to drop another INSTRUMENT 1 soundbomb. Check out his video below that features some arcade-inspired 80's synth goodness in Ableton Live. That solo at 2:24 is a face-melter.


Another familiar face around the forum who goes by Brock has been steadily adding to an impressive number of tracks created with the INSTRUMENT 1. Earlier in May, Brock and his band The Electromagnetics released this compilation titled "INTRAVERSE." Just listen to those dreamy guitar lines and spacey synths on the opening track and try not to daydream about a beach vacation on Mars.

One Man Band

Friends of Artiphon in over 70 countries (and counting!) continue to make some fantastic videos. Here's talented musician and street performer Matteo Murru improvising over some smooth jazz bars with the Tap Guitar tuning on his INSTRUMENT 1 in Milan, Italy. Follow him on Instagram at @paninoaltonno to see more busking adventures.

Experimenting with Artiphon pt1. #jazz #onemanband #artiphon #improvisation #INSTRUMENT1

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And as always, the Artiphon Community Performances playlist on YouTube is home to awesome musical content created by passionate players all over the world. We can't wait to see what you all will create next month, so keep uploading and reaching out on social media. Be sure to tag @Artiphon and the #INSTRUMENT1 in your posts (you may even see yourself in a future Community Roundup!) and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more.

Also check out friend of Artiphon, Anthony da Costa, starring in the recent Artiphon Short "Tap Blues" here.