Community Roundup: Spooktacular Synths

In the month of October, we crowned a winner to our recent Smart Strum contest and were treated to a number of spooktacular INSTRUMENT 1 videos from around the web. From laid-back beats to Johnny Cash tributes, check out the full roundup below!

A Live INSTRUMENT 1 Performance by taetro

Earlier this month, electronic musician and Community Roundup veteranTaetro recorded an intimate beat performance on the INSTRUMENT 1. Looping starry synths, a shredding lead line, and reverb-dripped drum patterns on the instrument in Ableton Live (with some help from the Korg nanoKONTROL 2), Taetro's latest is an atmospheric tour de force that would feel right at home in a moody near-future cyberpunk score. View more of Taetro's work over on YouTube.

Cooking up Jazzy BEATS with JBLACK

Artiphon maverick and MPC master Jimmy Stanford (aka Jblack) recently got his lightning-fast fingers on the INSTRUMENT 1 as well and wasted no time putting it through its paces. Whipping up some soulful bars, the charismatic producer/beat-maker laid down his signature boom bap drums over jazzy chords and an up-tempo bass line with the instrument's pad mode. Keep up with Jblack on Instagram, and listen to more of his original tracks, mixes, and reworks via SoundCloud.

A Tribute to the man in black: "I STILL MISS SOMEONE" (JOHNNY CASh COVER)

October also saw Durham Academy's orchestrio record this lively take on country legend Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone." The ensemble pays loving homage to the song's traditional Nashville sound with violin + ukulele arrangements and presents a futuristic twist with the inclusion of an INSTRUMENT 1 bass part. We think the Man in Black himself would be proud! See more from DA Music on YouTube.

lush synth groove by LEO ISLO

LEO ISLO is back with a glitzy new jam and some synth-esthesia for your viewing and listening pleasure. The 22nd century renaissance man brings his talents back to the INSTRUMENT 1, walking us through a new production and combining the instrument here with the infamous Prophet 6 analog synthesizer, as realized by Dave Smith aka "the Father of MIDI." The result? Synth-pop perfection.

BONE-RATTLING BONUS: instrument 1 Graveyard Tango

And just in time for Halloween, the Artiphon team recently got in the spooky mood and recorded a new Artiphon Short! Featuring booming thunder, ghastly ghouls, and spine-tingling tango accordion in GarageBand (using the INSTRUMENT 1's pad mode tuned to A minor for easy no-look playing), this one's a real graveyard smash hit!

We can’t wait to see what you will create in November, so don't forget to tag @Artiphon and the #INSTRUMENT1 in your posts on social media, and keep up with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more. If you haven't already, be sure to check out other awesome user submissions in our Community Performances playlist on YouTube, as well. Happy music-making!