Artiphon Sessions: Jeremy Bullock & Timon Lance

We’ve pondered at length how best to capture the musical possibilities of the INSTRUMENT 1 in ways that are inspiring, illuminating, and in keeping with our commitment to creative empowerment. In this video, we set out to document the dynamics of musical invention while showcasing the unique traits of the INSTRUMENT 1.

We paired musicians from two exceptional Nashville bands: Jeremy Bullock (a founding member of Wild Cub) and Timon Lance (an ethnomusicologist and guitarist for Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes). In an unscripted, unrehearsed setting, Jeremy and Timon wove together loops and layers using the INSTRUMENT 1 and multiple other musical tools. The result is a unique sound that emerged from the process of co-discovery. It was also a whole lot of fun.


In case you're curious about the finer details of how this track was born, here's a closer look at what both musicians are doing and how they're doing it:

Drum part #1: Jeremy (on the right with the black INSTRUMENT 1) starts off with a kick and snare drum beat that he plays in Pad mode (the fingerboard functioning as 12 pads). He then loops that beat and layers a high hat on top of it.

Drum part #2 (0:15): Timon (on the left playing the white INSTRUMENT 1) adds some tom toms to the drum part, also using Pad mode with GarageBand on the iPad.

Bass guitar and digital sample (0:20): Timon adds a bassline with an electric bass. Keeping the INSTRUMENT 1 on his lap, Jeremy switches to Grid mode. Using Exhale, a vocal engine made by Output, he creates a part using a vocal sample stretched over multiple octaves.

Electric guitar (0:53): Timon introduces some electric rhythm guitar with his 1964 Fender Jazzmaster.

Marimba (1:00): Jeremy uses Grid mode to tap out a melody using a sample that sounds like the tones of a marimba's wooden bars.

Slide guitar (1:28): Timon lays the INSTRUMENT 1 flat on his lap and launches the ThumbJam app on his iPad. Playing in the Fretless Slide preset and choosing a steel guitar sound, he can move continuously between notes on a fingerboard tuned like a traditional six-string guitar.

Strummed synth  (1:58): While Timon plays the steel guitar part, Jeremy adds a final layer of chords by strumming the INSTRUMENT 1 with a Fretted String preset. When it's all said and done, Jeremy has captured everything as individual tracks in Logic Pro X on his MacBook Pro.

We hope you enjoy watching this musical moment materialize. We want to thank Jeremy and Timon for being part of this creative experiment – make sure to check out their music with Wild Cub and Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes.