Smart Strum Contest Top Entries + Winner Announced!

After calling upon the Artiphon community to record their best videos using the latest feature for the INSTRUMENT 1, Smart Strum, our judges have carefully reviewed all of the terrific submissions. Now, we're super excited to share with you three of the top selections from our recent Smart Strum contest and crown a winner! This pantheon of performers pulled out all the stops for their entries, ranging from electronic freestyles to whole musical numbers. We couldn't have done it without you, and we're eager to see what all you will make next!


Taking home first prize and completely enrapturing the entire Artiphon team in the process is Zoë. At only 9 years old, this INSTRUMENT 1 virtuoso learned the chord progression to the standout track, "How Far I'll Go," from the 2016 Disney musical Moana in just twenty minutes (!!!) using Smart Strum. Originally written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Zoë's performance wholly encapsulates the spirit of Smart Strum and the track itself, we believe, and we're personally excited to see how far she'll go on her own musical journey.

Runner-Up: Jerry Gruvis

Milwaukee-based producer Jerry Gruvis (aka LMNtlyst) put his unique spin on the new Smart Strum feature for this contest, transforming icy synth sprays into an energetic hip-hop groove mixed with his eclectic brand of electronica. Check out more from LMNtlyst over on Bandcamp, and listen to his latest collaboration with Colin Plant as False8o, titled "None of Us Do," on iTunes.

Runner-UP: Steff

Modern-day minstrel Steff created this inspiring piece which traces her personal history and the role of music and evolution of technology therein, producing the piece entirely on an iPad Pro and solely scoring the feature with the INSTRUMENT 1. A true testament to the democratization and future of music creation! View Steff's work with Cinema of the Mind and the Starving Artists Workshop here.

Special thanks to all of our judges – Larissa Maestro, Jeremy Bullock, and Anthony da Costa (pictured below) – for voting! Let us know what you'd like to see in a future contest by posting on our social pages at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Happy music-making!