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Community Roundup – April ’17

Happy spring from Artiphon headquarters! We are once again blown away by the talent and creativity the Artiphon community is bringing to life. Here is our recurring roundup of the new and noteworthy videos we just couldn’t get enough of. 

Band on the Run: Wild Adriatic in the Office

New York-based rock-and-soul trio Wild Adriatic came by Artiphon headquarters in Nashville to demo the INSTRUMENT 1 and started hammering out a song right off the bat. 


The Italian duo Laica is fond of creative covers in their own special style. Here we have their interpretation of “Re-arrange” by Biffy Clyro, but also check out their other experiments, including a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

Human Nature

Joe Kye created a multi-camera/instrument version of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature along with one of his favorite guitar collaborators.

TechMundo Video Review

TechMundo, a Brazilian YouTube channel that specializes in product reviews, gave their followers a closeup look of the INSTRUMENT 1. Spoiler alert: hop ahead to 4:30 to see the underwater theme from Super Mario World played entirely on the INSTRUMENT 1. 

Bubbly Cover  

And lastly, our own Will Podolak from the Artiphon engineering team continues to take his INSTRUMENT 1 to new heights. Here is his cover of Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.” You can see more of his creative musings on his YouTube channel.

And there’s so much more. In fact, we made a Community Performances YouTube playlist featuring all of the user videos we spotted in the wild so far. Hop in and see what players from around the world are doing with their INSTRUMENT 1’s.


Two New Features: String Bend and Tilt

The INSTRUMENT 1 just learned two new tricks! With the latest updates to our iOS app and Editor for Mac and PC, the instrument is now even more expressive and fun. (You can grab the updates here).

With this new feature, you can now bend notes by applying pressure to the fingerboard. Here’s String Bend with an Indian sitar sound.

Rotating the INSTRUMENT 1 can now shape sounds in new expressive ways. Here it is controlling the cutoff filter of a synth sound.

The INSTRUMENT 1 is always getting more versatile and adaptive so you can find the creative experience that suits you best. We can’t wait to see what the world does with String Bend and Tilt. 

Teaming Up With Sony for the Launch of Their Newest Headphones

We were honored to be invited by Sony to collaborate on the launch of their newest noise-canceling headphones, the MDR 1000X. The video features Artiphon co-founder Jacob Gordon and explores themes around how technology enables music-making and music listening.

We’re particularly intrigued by how these headphones foreshadow the future of augmented listening. The noise canceling technology of the MDR 1000x turns down the world around you, but there are also settings that can selectively let ambient sound in, even filtering for the frequencies of the human voice. To us, this is part of a future that offers more choice in how we hear the world, and how the world hears us.

Special thanks to Confidant and The Bindry for being the creative forces behind this project.

December Community Roundup


This has been such an exciting and eventful time here at Artiphon. There are now thousands of INSTRUMENT 1’s out in the world, and things are really starting to heat up. If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of the great photos, videos, and blog posts people are sharing.

Kickstarter backer Parth Raval is building up entire songs using his INSTRUMENT 1 and Apple’s Logic… 


We saw our first performance where the INSTRUMENT 1 was the part of a string quartet…


Dave shared his rendition of Little Martha (in honor of Duane Allman’s birthday)…


Nate covered a song by the band Marillion…


And of course Will continues to share covers that range from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Star Wars to Stairway.

Also, Gustav in Japan found some smooth flute sounds, Heather discovered some sounds from outer space, Ken has been using custom tunings and tap guitar (and blogging in depth about his observations), and Shawn posted an insightful and excellent INSTRUMENT 1 walkthrough focused on guitar techniques.

It’s also nice and flattering to see the critics taking notice of the INSTRUMENT 1. Jordan from said “it makes him want to get back into music.” PC Mag listed it among its Beautiful But Practical Tech Gifts, and TechCrunch celebrated it as a “jack of all trades.”

We’re so inspired by what’s bubbling up from the user community, and we’d love to see what you’ve been up to with your music-making.