Explore Kimbra’s new single replay! on Orba 2 and make your own remix of the track.




What's Orba?

Orba 2 is an award-winning synth, looper, and controller anyone can play. Load Kimbra’s new Stem Song on Orba 2 and step inside her world: replay!’s experimental drum patterns, soaring chords, and looping bars of lyrics are ready to explore.

What are Stems?

Stems are the isolated audio tracks that make up a fully-produced song. Just the drums or just the vocals, for example. Often, but not always, stems include effects – the vocal processing, for instance – that make a song sound the way it does. Now that stems have arrived on Orba 2, you’ll be able to trigger these isolated song stems with the simple press of a finger.

Why Kimbra?

Kimbra is a lifetime looper. And sampling has been a part of her musical style since her first breakout hit, “Somebody That I Used To Know,” with Gotye. Her use of new musical technologies and highly improvisational musical stylings felt like the perfect combination.


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