Orba by Artiphon


Orba by Artiphon

A synth, looper, and controller designed for your hands.
And it's just $99.

Designed for Your Hands

Aren't all instruments designed for hands? Not really. Guitar is hard and violins hurt. Orba fits in the palm of your hand as comfortably as a teacup or a video game controller.

Nooks and Crannies

We designed Orba to be small enough to travel with you anywhere, good-looking enough to proudly display in your cubicle. The idea is we want people to feel inspired just to play a few notes here and there: filling in the nooks and crannies of your day with musical moments.

From Beginners to Pros

We know that everyone says that, but we really mean it. At Artiphon, we design for scalable complexity. Meaning: as you grow in your music-making, Orba will grow with you. You can keep things as simple as just playing a few notes, or build complex songs throughout the course of a session.


"Orba packs a lot of power into a beautiful new format."



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