To get the most out of the INSTRUMENT 1, download one or both of our customization tools: The Artiphon iOS app and the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor. Let’s connect to those and update the firmware while we’re at it.




Connecting to the Artiphon iOS app

•Connecting to the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor

•Updating the Firmware


      Artiphon iOS App

       Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod)
       Available on the Apple App Store

      INSTRUMENT 1 Editor for Mac and PC
       Platform: Mac OS X and Windows
       Available here: Mac OS X  | Windows PC
       Find our INSTRUMENT 1 Editor user guide here

Let's take a minute to get connected to the Artiphon iOS app and the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor. These are the programs you're going to use to customize your INSTRUMENT 1. We'll talk more about what it means to customize your instrument in later videos, but for now let's just get connected.

So, we'll open up the Artiphon app in iOS and then turn our INSTRUMENT 1 on. The app will prompt us for a firmware update, and it's a good idea to update the firmware to make sure you're getting the latest and greatest features from Artiphon as we continue to roll them out. So select 'Install Now'. Let's go for the most recent update. Hit 'Starting Update'. Once the download is complete the instrument will automatically restart. You'll know that the instrument is connected to the app by this red INSTRUMENT 1 icon in the upper left corner here.

Let's see if it's working. Great! You'll notice that the instrument is starting up in the Guitar preset. We'll talk a lot more about presets in the coming videos.

Mac and Windows users are going to want to download the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor from our website at You'll find it in the downloads page. Once you've got it open the process of updating the firmware is very similar as to what we did on iOS. You'll be prompted to download the most recent firmware update. Select 'Start', and the process begins. Once the firmware is finished installing the instrument will restart on its own.

One important thing to mention is that the Editor doesn't have any sounds built in, but we'll show you how to make your first sounds in a later video, specifically covering the details for Mac and Windows.