The 4 dotted presets are customizable. They come preloaded with techniques that allow you to play music in ways that are wholly unique to the INSTRUMENT 1. As we dive into each of these you’ll start to get a sense of the power of this instrument.




Smart Strum
Press with one finger on any of the twelve pads. Strum the bridge to play a chord.

Slide Sax

Slide along the fingerboard to play a fretless saxophone tuned like a guitar.

Electric Piano Tap
Similar to the Slide Sax, but using a Fretted Mode, so everything will always be in tune.

Arp Vibes
An arpeggiated preset. Tap and hold multiple notes and the INSTRUMENT 1 will automatically loop through them.


Smart Strum with Kate McRae
A brilliant example of Smart Strum in action.

The Dotted presets are customizable presets. This is where you'll make your own presets and save them to the instrument. The instrument ships with four custom presets that we've made for you and they happen to be four of the most interesting, fun ways of playing.

The first is Smart Strum. Smart Strum is simple. You press your finger anywhere on the first fret and strum the chord down here.

Smart Strum defaults to the key of C, but it's very easy to transpose it or individually map chords. It's whatever you like. It's amazing to see what INSTRUMENT 1 players have been doing with it. Think about it. You could make a smart strum tuning that plays "Yesterday", by the Beatles, without any of the wrong chords.

I press in on the knob again, and I have a sliding preset. With the Artiphon iOS app, it's a saxophone sound. Using this with a pedal steel sound or a violin sound allows you to add expressiveness to your playing like vibrato between notes.

The next preset is similar. These three dots represent Tap Guitar. With the Artiphon iOS app, it's Electric Piano Tap. I don't need to strum on the bridge any more. I simply tap with one hand. Think of it as constant hammering-on.

So, it's similar to the previous preset, Slide Sax, except this one is always in tune. It's a go-to for guitarists who are looking to take their knowledge of the fingerboard and use it to play their synth.

Now for something completely different. With Arp Vibes, the fingerboard is back in a Pad Mode, so the spaces between the frets trigger single notes.

Remember the Piano and the Drum presets? This is similar, but now we have arpeggiation. For me, this is a really great way to generate new, creative ideas without having to worry too much about rhythm.

In our next video, we're going to show you how to take these techniques and use them on a Mac or Windows computer.