The Musical Instrument That Anyone Can Master

An estimated 70% of adults want to play an instrument on a regular basis, but only 5% actually do, partly because it’s tough to choose just one to master. That’s not an issue with the Artiphon, which can mimic dozens of ­instruments—not just how they sound but also how they’re played. It can be strummed like a guitar or tapped like a piano…



The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Is A Symphony, Rock Band And DJ In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 allows you to play hundreds of instruments on one device in a number of different ways using an iPhone as the controller. Not only can you play piano, violin, guitar or loop beats as a DJ, you can also mix up the way you play those instruments. You can play the guitar with the sounds of piano keys or play the piano with the sounds of a banjo, for instance…



The Blueprint Talks with Mike Butera, Founder and CEO at Artiphon

What is Artiphon?
We are a technology startup focused on musical creativity and empowering people to make music in their everyday lives. For the past four years we have been developing an instrument, called INSTRUMENT 1, that you can play however you want. It changes the way we think about musical instruments, from being singular to being plural…



Meet Artiphon, The Startup Making An Instrument You Can Play In Many Ways

The FADER FORT’s 2016 return to Austin has been special. For an all-new event, The Toyota Prius Presents The Arcade at The FADER FORT, innovative artists and tech creators showed off cool projects to streams of impressed attendees. For two days, Jacob Gordon of Artiphon demonstrated the magic of the INSTRUMENT 1, a single digital device that can be played as a handful of different instruments…


This is a fun one… (an) extremely portable gadget.

This is a fun one. It’s also something that’s come full circle for Artiphon and its supporters, as a Kickstarter campaign that has brought an innovative product to life. The INSTRUMENT 1 gives anyone the ability to play guitar, violin, piano, or work on beats in one single and extremely portable gadget.