Note: We are currently aware of an issue with iOS 11 and the Artiphon app which prevents updating the firmware on the INSTRUMENT 1. We are working on a fix as fast as possible, but in the meantime please update your INSTRUMENT 1 firmware with the Editor for Mac or Windows before using the Artiphon app. Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

For the most seamless first iOS experience, follow along with our iOS Quickstart Guide below.


Connect the INSTRUMENT 1 to your iOS device using the included Lightning to USB cable.

cable res



Turn the INSTRUMENT 1 on.

power button-01



If the light doesn’t glow green when powered on, connect your instrument to a power source using the included 12V power supply.

How to assemble your power supply:


A fully charged battery will last up to six hours.

ChargeLights-0120-100% Charge

5-20% Charge

ChargeLights-030-5% Charge




A notification will pop up on your iOS device asking if you’d like to download the Artiphon app.


Get the Artiphon app from the App Store.

app icon

Detailed guide on using the Artiphon App


The Artiphon app will greet you with a quick tutorial inviting you to play the guitar, violin, piano, and drums presets.

Learn the different Ways to Play
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