My INSTRUMENT 1 isn’t powering on.

If you press the INSTRUMENT 1’s power button on the I/O panel and the PWR LED does not light up, your instrument’s battery is uncharged.

power button-01

If the light doesn’t glow green when powered on, connect your instrument to a power source using the included 12V power supply.

Assemble the 12V power adapter by connecting the relevant outlet prongs for your location.


When assembled correctly, the prongs will sit flat with the body of the charger. 


Using the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 with any other power source
can severely damage the INSTRUMENT 1. 


Insert the adapter in the 12V charging port. The PWR LED should turn blue, indicating that it is charging. Now you can turn on and play the INSTRUMENT 1 while it continues to charge.

ChargeLights-0120-100% Charge 

 5-20% Charge

ChargeLights-030-5% Charge





Why isn’t the INSTRUMENT 1 charging my iPhone or vice versa?

The INSTRUMENT 1 does not charge via the mini USB port and can only be charged using the 12V power adapter. The INSTRUMENT 1 does not output power. This means that your iPhone or iPad will not charge the INSTRUMENT 1 and the INSTRUMENT 1 cannot be used as a power source for your iPhone or iPad.



Can I charge my iPhone or iPad while using the INSTRUMENT 1?

Yes, you can use an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and the included USB- A cable along with a standard lightning cable to charge your iPhone or iPad while playing the INSTRUMENT 1.



Why can’t I hear any sound?

The INSTRUMENT 1 must be connected to a sound-generating device like iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. The device will receive MIDI notes from the INSTRUMENT 1 and translate them into sound. If the device is USB audio compliant (most of the above listed platforms are), the INSTRUMENT 1 will play sound through its built-in speakers. You can optionally choose to plug in headphones or output sound from the connected device itself, bypassing the speakers on the INSTRUMENT 1.

If you see lights dashing back and forth on the fingerboard next to the capo buttons, this means that your INSTRUMENT 1 is not connected. Ensure that your mini USB cable is connecting the INSTRUMENT 1 to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC.


The INSTRUMENT 1 must be selected as an audio output device in your music-making software. In iOS, swipe from the bottom of the screen to display the  control center and ensure the output did not switch to a bluetooth headset or similar.


On a Mac or PC the audio output device needs to be assigned in your music software. This is an example from Apple’s MainStage:



Why isn’t the Violin preset, bow method, or fretless mode working properly?

The INSTRUMENT 1 uses pitch bend, a type of MIDI control, to get seamless fretless sliding. In order to allow these techniques to work with third-party sound generators, the INSTRUMENT 1 sends pitch bend data on multiple MIDI channels.

Some music apps do not allow for multiple MIDI channels with pitch bend. In this case, set the INSTRUMENT 1 to Single Channel MIDI mode using the iOS app or the Mac/PC Preset Editor.

This mode allows notes to play on only one channel. Only one note at a time can be played in this mode,  sliding up and down the fingerboard with the correct fretless behavior.

In order for the fretless fingerboard to behave correctly, the pitch bend range of third party music apps needs to be set to 24. This ensures that sliding up the fingerboard all the way equals 12 semitones. More information on third app compatibillity can be found here.


Why do I not get a sound using the iBow method?

For the iBow method, the iPhone is moved in a bowing motion while pressing down on a string on the INSTRUMENT 1. The angle of the iPhone and the motion combined determine how loud a sound is played.





Why are the strings upside down?

The INSTRUMENT 1 uses its accelerometer to know when a user is playing left or right handed. Sometimes the INSTRUMENT 1 will sense that it should be played left handed when you actually mean to play right handed or vice versa. This happens most often when the INSTRUMENT 1 is flat on a table.

You can manually set the String Flip Mode using the Artiphon App or Preset Editor. The options are Right, Left, and I1 flip. The default setting is I1 flip, which uses the accelerometer. You can also hold the INSTRUMENT 1 in the proper orientation so that the accelerometer can sense if it should be right or left, and then set it back down flat.


Why can’t I update my INSTRUMENT 1 firmware while using the Camera connection kit?

Currently the INSTRUMENT 1 does not support firmware updates through the camera connection kit. Please use the provided Artiphon lightning to mini USB cable to update your INSTRUMENT’s firmware.


My INSTRUMENT 1 has an issue after updating the firmware.

Please turn your INSTRUMENT 1 off and on and close and reopen the Artiphon app.

If the issue persists, please contact us at


For any other questions about your INSTRUMENT 1, please contact us at