Download the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor here.

What is the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor?

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor is used to customize all the settings on your INSTRUMENT 1 while controlling third-party virtual instruments or synths on your computer.

A preset is a combination of INSTRUMENT 1 settings including method, mode, tuning, and additional features you can enable. For example, the Guitar preset is Strum Method, Fretted Mode, and guitar tuning (EADGBe). 

Customizing your INSTRUMENT 1

There are eight default presets on the INSTRUMENT 1. The first four – Guitar, Violin, Piano, and Drums – can be customized, but not overwritten. The other four presets, indicated by numbered dots, can be overwritten. 

We provide a number of presets in the folders on the left. The INSTRUMENT 1 is extremely versatile, and there are practically endless possibilites. Start with a defualt preset, and change the settings for whatever techniques you want to play.

Please see the INSTRUMENT 1 Manual for a complete definition of all the settings. This guide will focus on how to change the settings.

Selecting a Mode and Method


The four modes are: Fretted, Fretless, Grid, and Pad. These can be selected by clicking the different icons. 

The four methods are: Strum, Bow, Slide, and Tap. Select these by clicking under the method section. Some methods are not available in certain modes, for example, Slide Method is only available in Fretless mode. It is grayed out in the screenshot above because Fretted mode is selected. 

 Selecting a Tuning


In the Tuning section you’ll find a dropdown menu with a selection of available tunings for the mode you’ve selected. If you’d like to customize a tuning further, click on the graphic of the fingerboard or the bridge in the Mode window. Then type a Note and Octave, or use the arrows or dropdown menu to adjust individual notes. It is also possible to save No Note as a tuning to turn off a string, grid or pad location. Hit Save in the menu bar if you want to preserve your custom tuning in the current preset. 

Any note between C-2 and C8 can be assigned to the strings, grid or pads.

Editor 4


Additional Features

Below Mode, Method, and Tuning, you can access a number of additional features and sensitivity settings. For definitions of each setting, please see the INSTRUMENT 1 Manual.





Save Your Preset to the INSTRUMENT 1

 Preset Knob and User LED's selected

Any preset can be stored directly onto the INSTRUMENT 1 hardware for easy access. These are the four user presets indicated by dot icons.


To save a preset to the INSTRUMENT 1 itself, select Presets from the menu bar, then select one of the four user preset locations from the dropdown. Alternately, press command or control and the number of the preset you want to save to (1-4). 







Saving As/Renaming/Deleting

All of these options are under the file menu. You can save the current preset as a new preset with Save As. Delete the current preset or preset folder (Artiphon Presets and folders cannot be deleted). You can also rename a preset.

Restore Firmware

If you are experiencing issues after updating, it is possible that something went wrong. In this case please open the Help tab and choose restore INSTRUMENT 1 firmware.