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Welcome! Getting started with your INSTRUMENT 1 is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Follow these steps, and you’ll be making music in no time.

If you’d prefer to view our Quickstart Guide PDF booklet (instead of watching videos), click right here.


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Depending on what device you’ll be using (iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows), choose a Quickstart video to get set up with your INSTRUMENT 1.


Everyone approaches the INSTRUMENT 1 a little differently, so choose your adventure below. Continue to get inspired by browsing our YouTube playlists, where you’ll find dozens of tutorials, community inspiration, and more.

That’s the end of our INSTRUMENT 1 Quickstart Guide. For more in-depth information, feel free to explore our INSTRUMENT 1 Manual, Using AppsUsing the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor, and Support pages. Happy music-making!

In need of some inspiration for your first creation? View the Artiphon YouTube channel here (updated weekly) and check out more colorful INSTRUMENT 1 videos below.