Hands-on Review from Red Means Recording

The electronic auteur Jeremy Leaird-Koch, better known as Red Means Recording, recently got his hands on an INSTRUMENT 1 and wasted no time in learning what it truly means to touch sound. In his new video, Jeremy pilots the instrument through a digital soundscape, exploring its wide range of modes, presets, and playing methods.

Jeremy dives right into atmospheric, expressive synths using Aftertouch and Velocity control on the INSTRUMENT 1's pressure-sensitive fingerboard (1:47). He then switches gears, prompting arpeggiated string orchestrations fit for a thrilling BBC drama (3:00), and even uses the instrument's Smart Strum feature to pay tribute to the Leonard Cohen classic, "Hallelujah," with one-finger chords (4:09). Finally, the musical alchemist summons melodic, polyphonic drones (5:30) that submerge with scuba divers before soaring into the clouds and cosmos beyond, and explores new scale shapes using the INSTRUMENT 1's Grid mode (9:24).

Watch Jeremy's full overview of the INSTRUMENT 1 here.

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