Hi, we’re Artiphon.

We’re a company made up of musicians, non-musicians, and creatives who want to bring the magical joy of musical creation to everyone in the world. We believe all people are inherently musical, and that design and technology can bring that potential to life.

That’s why we design our instruments with three core values in mind: approachability, multiplicity, and immediacy. Artiphon products are played by people who have never strummed a note, by those who score movies as their full-time career, and everyone in between. Regardless of where you are in your musical journey, our instruments will grow with you. We want the beginner to feel like a pro, and the pro to feel like a beginner again.

Artiphon is known for three main product families: INSTRUMENT 1, the world’s first multi-instrument; Orba, the handheld mobile music device that’s been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and on CBS; and Chorda: the newest addition to our product line-up that will inspire the next generation of music-makers.

Building cool, new musical instruments is just the start—we’re also creating virtual instruments that anyone can play. We’re partnering with some of the largest brands in the world, like Snapchat, to create musical experiences like Scan Band and Minibeats. And after seeing over one hundred thousand customers play INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, we’re making video-creation apps, like Orbacam, that let you play multimedia music with amazing visual effects.

Artiphon was founded in 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee (aka Music City), and our team is based all around the world. Artiphon’s investors include Warner Music Group, Shure Microphones, and other industry leaders.

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