Experience Venjent's track
"R U Guna Move"
out on Orba 2.

Drum and bass,
in your hands.

We collaborated with Venjent to make “R U Guna Move” a Stem Song on Orba 2. What does that even mean? Every pad on Orba has been programmed to trigger different parts of the track: the agro basslines, the punchy DnB patterns, and even the metallic chords. Vocal lines can be played at the tap of a button, and morphed as you slide and tilt Orba. Put it all together, and you can create your own remix of “R U Guna Move” in your hands in a matter of seconds.

What is Orba, anyway?

Orba is a beatmaker that allows you to flex your creativity right out of the box. Never playing a wrong note and always on beat, Orba lets you focus on your musical self-expression while it takes care of the rest.

By pairing with Orba’s free app, you can explore a massive library of over 100+ built-in sounds and create songs that match your vibe. Make your own sounds out of anything imaginable with Orba’s sampler. If you happen to find yourself spending time in production software, you can even use Orba as a MIDI controller to control all your kick ass sound packs.



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