Artiphon Sessions: Annie Shred

Artiphon Sessions: Annie Shred

Los Angeles-based guitarist, producer, and social media sorceress Annie Shred combines her love of technical metal with electronic music, creating a sound that's entirely her own. Using her muscle memory of the guitar neck, Annie is able to integrate the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 seamlessly into her productions, playing screaming synth leads in a torrent of tapping, strumming, and bowing.

Artiphon caught up with Annie in her L.A. studio to get a closer look at her creative process, and a sneak peak at the forthcoming Dreameater EP.


When I was growing up I was actually the only musical, artistic person in my family. So, it’s just something I naturally gravitated towards. I just got super intrigued with piano and then immediately just got obsessed with guitar.

I was always really excited to play technical guitar. I really just loved practicing things and really nailing it. Then I got introduced to Lamb of God, and that totally changed my life.

That’s awesome! I am very excited about that.

I kind of took a turn from being like a straight-up guitar player and really really delving into electronic music. That was something that really, really intrigued me. And Danny and I kind of both had that same revelation happen to us. So, we ended up creating Dream Eater.

I’ve tried other MIDI controllers, but there’s just nothing that matches being able to play a neck that’s a controller as well. It’s like exponentially helped me get my ideas out. I can think the way my guitar mind thinks, but then translate it to MIDI.

I’ve never had anyone be like, "You can’t do that" or "You shouldn’t do that". "Oh, you can do all of that on a guitar." Wouldn’t have stopped me anyway I don’t think.

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