Artiphon Sessions: Madge

Artiphon Sessions: Madge

With her affinity for analog synths and all things avant-garde, Madge, the the one-woman DIY-pop artist and producer, has developed a production style that is truly refreshing.Here’s a candid look at her first time playing the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. When she started the session by plugging into her Sequential Prophet-6, we knew we were in for something special.  Madge sets herself apart from other Artiphon artists by being a formally-trained pianist (and wizard 🧙). She used the built-in arpeggiator, the drum preset, and custom grid tunings to create this cinematic sounding piece that is entirely her own.

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And cut!

I started piano when I was really young. It's probably my earliest memory. I did piano competitions and you know I had really rigorous, strict teachers. Practicing for four, sometimes eight hours a day was just really damaging and, yeah, I quit music.

When I was in college and things got
hard and I was going through some rough stuff as far as my spiritual identity music became something different. It became something expressive and from there I was like "You know what, why don't I take all of my knowledge as a pianist and my musical theory background and apply it into a production sphere?"

I mean it's common knowledge that many producers, especially audio engineers and other studio jobs, are held by men. I find myself also trying to front and trying to be a bro to, like "Oh yeah, I have that compressor." You know, it's like this weird culture that I feel like I want to break into but I also am scared of.

Having a home studio where I can create my own safe space to create has been the only way I really can do this project effectively.

As more women and more non-binary producers you know start doing this DIY music thing I think
having an ability to create a safe space like that is so crucial. It changes the dynamic, too, like you get really interesting sounds

I love my analog hardware synthesizers I mean I have my studio set up so I've routed MIDI into the synths and so every time I played the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 it sent that MIDI data into the Prophet-6. Which was wild because I was strumming it, you know. The concept of strumming a Prophet-6 is very abstract, like, how else would you create that sound?

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