Introducing Artiphon Preset Creator! (Formerly Orbasynth)

Introducing Artiphon Preset Creator! (Formerly Orbasynth)

Meet Artiphon Preset Creator!

Ever since we released Orba, we received messages and requests to create your own presets. We loved hearing this feedback and eventually launched Orbasynth last year. This took the tools that our own team uses and made them accessible so anyone could make their own presets – and even learn a little something about synthesis in the process.

Since then, we’ve released two more instruments, Orba 2 and Chorda, and with that, we wanted to give that same level of customization for these instruments to our users.

Today, we’re happy to announce Artiphon Preset Creator (formerly Orbasynth)! Now, you can create your very own presets for Orba 1, Orba 2, and Chorda.

If you’ve already seen or used Orbasynth, everything will look pretty similar. Artiphon Preset Creator is meant to function similarly to the controls on your standard synthesizer.

One especially exciting new feature we want to highlight is that you can now import your own samples and modify them directly within the app. And for those customizing presets for the first time, you can also import various Orba presets to use as a starting point.

You have access to two oscillators that allow you to produce different wave shapes, a globals section which allows you to control the mix of the oscillators and LFO's, VCA control, and much more.

And of course, all of the gestures that you know and love on Orba and Chorda, like Tilt and Radiate, can be mapped to your chosen parameters.

Finally, you can add some extra flare like reverb and delay and then save your custom-made preset directly to the app to put onto your instrument.

If all of this is intimidating because you’ve never heard words like Oscillator or VCA before and have only ever used "Envelopes" for mailing letters, don’t worry. We also plan to release more content that explains all of this in more detail.

In the meantime, we recommend tweaking oscillators and spinning knobs to your heart's content. (This is how some pretty cool sounds get made.) 

Feel free to give it a try (it’s free!) and comment to let us know which parts of Artiphon Preset Creator you’d like to learn more about.

Happy playing!

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