Introducing: The Artiphon Connect App with Drum Sampling!

Introducing: The Artiphon Connect App with Drum Sampling!

The Orba 2 app just got a major makeover: welcome to Artiphon Connect!

This new hub will work with both Orba 2 and Chorda. By having one app for both instruments, you can share Songs, sounds, settings, and Presets between the different instruments, and it also comes with exciting new features:

  • Drum Sampling:
    Build your own drum kit and add custom samples to individual pads. And you’re not limited to drum sounds, by the way: you can turn your Artiphon instrument into your own sound effects board and DJ kit. This feature has been highly requested, so we expect some crazy creative setups from all of you!
  • Maintenence Updates:
    Along with increased app stability, this update brings additional improvements including bug fixes, faster firmware updates for Orba 2, and more.

Download the latest version of the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or at

Happy Playing!

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