Introducing the Musical Camera: Orbacam 2.0 by Artiphon

Introducing the Musical Camera: Orbacam 2.0  by Artiphon

What's new?

Now with onscreen playability, Orbacam just became the first virtual instrument that lets you create music directly in videos. With just a few taps, you can now simultaneously play beats & melodies, sync visual effects, and shoot videos ready to share with friends. It's a brand new way to create, even if you've never played an instrument before. You can dowload it from the Apple App Store and start making music immediately.

Why Did Artiphon Make a Video App?

We all know how to add popular music to TikToks and Reels, but it’s always been a challenge to create your own music and synchronize with video. In the past, you’d have to play a real instrument, record and mix it, and then sync up your music with video. And if you wanted to add fun visual effects, that’s yet another app.

Enter Orbacam 2.0, a multimedia musical instrument that blurs the lines between music creation and social video production. With just a few taps, you can simultaneously shoot video, make music, and add perfectly synced visual effects. Orbacam 2.0 is a brand new way for anyone to create musical videos in seconds, even if they’ve never played an instrument or produced videos before.

At Artiphon, we want music making to be as immediate and accessible as other forms of media have become. We don’t hesitate to take pictures or videos throughout our day, and now Orbacam lets you create music in seconds, wherever you are. All you need is your phone and a few moments to make something expressive and beautiful.


What Can I Do with It?

Orbacam lets you create on-the-fly musical selfies, soundtrack your world, and turn everyday moments into Fantasia-like dreamscapes. Add a beautiful soundtrack to your coffee break in the park. Sync a driving beat to your skate video – with music you made yourself. Or turn otherwise boring moments into musical jokes for your friends and followers. You can even score your memories by importing videos and photos right from your camera roll and add music after the fact.

Along with opening up Orbacam to anyone with an iPhone or iPad, we've added new sounds and visuals to the app. Orbacam’s ever-expanding audio library offers an array of traditional and novel sounds, from ethereal harp strings to fat and fuzzy synth bass, letting you play and mash up any musical genre, style, and era. Orbacam 2.0 includes new VFX as well, such as Glitch, an 80s-inspired visual that adds a VHS tracking effect with each new note:

Get Playing

Intrigued? Take Orbacam for a spin: it's free in the Apple App Store (for now). We're very interested to see what you create, so please mention @artiphon and #orbacam. You might just see your video on the homepage!

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