It's the Artiphon Community Roundup for Spring 2019!

It's the Artiphon Community Roundup for Spring 2019!

Anytime a photo or a video comes our way, we always make a point to share it around the office. Often, we'll gather around one computer to laugh, cry, cry-laugh, and fall in love with all of the brilliant, colorful, and unexpected content sent our way. With spring in the air here at our Nashville headquarters, we are feeling so energized by all of your creativity, and can't wait to see what else this season brings.

Pete Johns and Studio Live Today


Pete Johns asks if this is the "most unique controller" ever. Spoiler alert: he doesn't hate it!


Kelley Janae is a fiercely talented hip hop guitarist, and we’re so happy she’s found a place for the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 her workflow. Watch her make a beat and tap out a sweet melody on top.

Greetings from the Fairy Fountain


Hey, Scott Schimberg! You play this song from Zelda extremely well! As far as we can tell here, Scott is using the Guitar preset with a capo transposing a handful of keys up. We're so happy you shared with us, Scott. Thanks for transporting us back to our childhood.

J. Black Strikes Back


J. Black is a rising star on the Artiphon artist roster. His work has been used in Gap, McDonalds, Akai, Melodics, and more. Here he uses INSTRUMENT 1 Smart Strum to add a mallet part and some smooth wind textures to his boom bap track.


Magic In The Air


The bow method isn't just for violin playing! Here, Neo Spectrum takes this way of playing to the next level with a fire guitar solo over Bruno Mars's 24K Magic.

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