Listen to the Sounds of Orba 2

Listen to the Sounds of Orba 2

Wondering what Orba 2 will sound like? Take a sneak peek into all the new sounds coming to Orba 2.

From Trap sounds, to RnB, to classical instruments, to exclusive artist songs, and more! We recorded 20+ short demos of all the sounds you can make a song with on Orba. Here's a playlist of them all.

Feeling inspired? Orba 2 also has the ability to sample any sound in the world! Wich means you can really play anything imaginable! Here are a few things we sampled. You can find anything from a toy piano, to a classical strings, a bike bell, and , yes Artiphon's favorite rubber duckie. We can't wait to see what you sample!

The all-new Orba 2 is available for purchase now and ships soon.

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