View or print our easy-to-read PDF user manuals for Orba 2, Orba 1, and INSTRUMENT 1.


Artiphon Orba 2 User Manual Guide


View the Orba 2 User Manual here.


ORBA 1Artiphon Orba 1 User Manual Guide


View the Orba 1 User Manual here.


Peset cREATORArtiphon Orba 1 User Manual Guide


View the Preset Creator Manual here.



Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 User Manual Guide


View the INSTRUMENT 1 User Manual here.


Update your Orba

After unboxing, please be sure to update Orba's firmware to the latest version. We are always developing new features and improving the Orba experience. Keeping your firmware up-to-date is the best way to ensure you're getting the best this unique instrument has to offer.

Note: Updating firmware can only be done through the Orba desktop app with a USB connection. Software downloads are available here

Having trouble updating your firmware?
Visit our FAQ for troubleshooting tips.


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