Orba 2 app

Version 1.0.295

The Orba 2 companion app is designed to work exclusively with the new Orba 2 by Artiphon. It features multiple upgrades, including a colorful visualizer, hundreds of new sounds, and the ability to create your own instruments by sampling the world around you.


Release Notes

Version 1.0.295

Keep those creative wheels turning because we’ve got new Stem Songs! Introducing Pixels and Fields. Start looping musical patterns with just the touch of a finger. You can play these Stem Songs by downloading the new update and finding the little stem icon. 🌱

  • 👾 Pixels: These glitchy, electronic sounds will have you making songs that are straight-up weird and satisfying all at once. If Pixels were a person, they’d be the friend that creates the most niche Spotify playlists (Queue: “songs that sound like the color blue and bring out your bass face”) Be sure to check out the Bass preset in this one.

    • 🌾 Fields: With these dreamy and soft acoustic guitar textures, you’ll be daydreaming your way into spring, no matter where in the world you’re looping from.

    • Here's some other stuff we did too:

      • Changed the way Stem Songs work: The Orba app will now help you safely stay in tempo and key and keep you sounding good.

      • Artist Pages: Want to learn more about the amazing artists that helped create these sounds learn more about the amazing artists that helped create these sounds? We’ve got you covered with in-app artist bios. Follow their links to stream their music and follow them on socials.

      • This build also includes several bug fixes, including fewer synchronizing dialogues - you’re all synced up, there’s no doubt about that. We’ve also sped up the USB-connection so you can start playing much more immediately.

      Version 1.1.9

      We fixed some bugs!

      • Tuning bug fixes
      • Issue with stuck notes fixed