Loog Mini Acoustic x Orba 2

Sale price$247.99

Introducing an electrifying collaboration: Artiphon has joined forces with Loog Guitars, bringing you a harmonious fusion of musical innovation!

You can now purchase Loog guitars directly from Artiphon.com, unlocking the gateway to musical mastery right at your fingertips. But wait, there's more! Elevate your musical journey by bundling any Orba 2 with a Loog guitar and instantly enjoy a 10% discount when you add to cart!

Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you jam with a cherished companion, wielding two extraordinary pieces of technology. With Artiphon and Loog, you'll embrace the power to craft unforgettable melodies, whether it's exploring the vast realm of sound with Orba 2 or mastering the art of guitar with Loog. Don't miss out on this extraordinary bundle—it's the ultimate duo for unleashing your musical prowess!

Loog Mini Acoustic (Color:): Red
Orba 2 (Color): Black