Play your voice on Orba 2 | How to sample on the new Orba 2 app.

Play your voice on Orba 2  |  How to sample on the new Orba 2 app.

Orba 2 builds on the same features introduced by its 2020 flagship model, Orba. With Orba 2's newly designed sound engine, it is now possible to play real instrument sounds and anything else you can find, taking your creativity to new heights.

Orba app recording loop

So how exactly does sampling work?

We are equally as excited for Orba 2 to begin shipping to all you folks, and we can not wait to see what surprises Artiphon players around the world have in store.

And that is why we wanted to give you a sneak peek so that when you receive your Orba 2, you can get started making your unique samples.

Using the Orba 2 app (available for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android), you’ll record using the mobile (or desktop) device's microphone.

Pro tip: For studio level quality, you can use any microphone connected to your device.

The app will then automatically detect the tune of your original sample and retune it to your desired key. So even if your original sound is in one key (like E Minor) and your song is in another key (like A Minor), the smart technology will find the right note and retune everything to A minor or whatever key you're in, making it will always sound great!

In addition it will trim your sample the silence on your sample chop, so there’s no latency at the end or beginning of your clip.

And because we know just how important it is to get the perfect sound/recording of Terminator saying "I'll be back" to overlay on your next Orba jam, you will be able to hear a preview of your new clip in the Orba app right there on the spot and decide if you like it.

If you love the sound of your new Terminator sample, it’s easy to turn this sound into a built-in preset and transfer it onto Orba so that you can load it any time you want to play it. Do note that because these are high-quality samples, you’ll need a cabled connection from Orba to your application device (not Bluetooth) to do this.

Once loaded on your Orba app, it will stay there forever (unless you get tired of it). So you can take that vocal sound, favorite movie quote, or the rubber ducky lead with you wherever you go.

What will you sample?

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