Artiphon Goes Raving with Venjent’s Stem Song, “R U Guna Move?”

Artiphon Goes Raving with Venjent’s Stem Song, “R U Guna Move?”

If you frequent the music scene on Instagram and TikTok, you’ll be hard pressed to ignore UK producer Venjent. He’s making the rounds through social media with his viral videos of drum and bass tracks that make use of samples he snags from niche internet videos, household items and even animals. Really, nothing is off limits: a chair squeaking, a seagull cawing, or a motorcycle revving up. We recently collaborated with him to bring his popular song “R U Guna Move” to Orba 2 as a Stem Song. 

With the touch of one pad, you can trigger different parts of “R U Guna Move,” remixing your own versions of Venjents viral hit. Aggressive bass lines, punchy breakbeat drum patterns, and Venjent’s sample of a motorcycle will teleport you straight to the rave.

After collaborating with Venjent on the new Orba 2 Stem Song, we let Venjent do what he does best: you can watch his video here to see what he was able to make with his own Stem Song.

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