Artiphon Sessions: Madame Gandhi

Artiphon Sessions: Madame Gandhi

Kiran Gandhi, known by her stage name Madame Gandhi, is one of our favorite electronic music artists. After touring the world with MIA, Thievery Corporation, and others, Madame Gandhi is now creating music for herself that “elevates and celebrates the female voice.”

During a recent tour through Nashville, Tennessee, Kiran stopped by the Artiphon office and created an impromptu version of her song “Bad Habits,” entirely on the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. This track was created in Apple’s Logic Pro X and features Spitfire Audio LABS Drums and SWAM Saxophones by Audio Modeling.


My name is Kiran and I perform as Madame Gandhi. I'm a drummer, artist, producer, and activist. I often say that my mission is to elevate and celebrate the female voice. I grew up in New York City playing drums. I was touring with MIA and Thievery Corporation, but it was only a couple of years ago when I started sharing my ideas on gender liberation and my passion for feminism today that folks in my community were like, "You got to really start writing your own music."

So to move from being a drummer to taking melodies and lyrics that have been in my head and actually making songs out of them was a journey that I've enjoyed very much.

When you have an idea in your mind, the ability to get the idea out quickly and build it on one instrument is very, very useful.

Music and songs are just a timestamp of emotion. If you feel sad, you got to play it out. If you feel happy, you got to play it out. If you have an idea about the way you wished the world was, that idea has to come out in that moment. So I think with an instrument like this where you have all of the different instruments in one, it felt liberating. It felt it was something I wanted to do. It felt freeing and radical and fun, and I was really encouraged to play.

It makes me want to take the INSTRUMENT 1 and play the exact same thing live to the audience. I think that's super, super cool.

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