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Who we are

Artiphon crafts connected instruments that feel magical from the first touch. We aim to build a musically creative world that exists outside of traditional music spaces conventional instruments.


Chorda is a versatile instrument that combines the sounds and gestures of multiple instruments. With 12 touch-sensitive pads and a bridge for strumming, Chorda adapts to the way you play.


Orba 2

Orba 2 is an all-in-one, handheld instrument perfect for those looking to be more spontaneous and explorative with their music-making.


New in the Artiphon Connect app!

Select Your Scale

Choose from Chromatic, Pentatonic, and Diatonic tunings.

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Featured in...

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"The music-making hemisphere I can't put down."

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"Artiphon’s ‘band in a box’ allows you to produce beats just about anywhere."

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"Compulsively playable for musicians and non-musicians."

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“This Pokéball-Sized Sampler Is the Perfect Gift for People Convinced They’re a DJ.”

For sonic explorers

Whether you're looking to be more musical during your morning commute or wind down after a long day, Orba and Chorda make the perfect addition to your creative lifestyle.

Artist Highlights

From exclusive sounds to unique collaborations, explore how these artists use our instruments in their work and get inspired to create something great yourself.

Venjent with small sunglassesDom McLennon holds Orba 2 by Artiphon with a huge smileMay Zoean playing white Chorda by Artiphon @maymusic

May Zoean

Delve into how May Zoean seamlessly integrated our instruments into her creative process, and witness firsthand how this talented producer and creator crafted an entire song using just Chorda.


Dom McLennon

Experience Dom McLennon's first reaction to Chorda as he discovers this magical instrument. And download "Halcyon," an interactive Stem Song experience, exclusively available on the Artiphon Connect app.


See the world through Venjent's glasses with stems from his DnB track 'R U Guna Move' now in the Artiphon Connect app!


What will you make?

Join our community of thousands of creators around the world making music with Chorda and Orba. Tag #OrbaLoops, #ChordaLoops and mention @artiphon to be featured on our homepage.

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Orba 2

Orba fits in the palm of your hand, but still packs a punch with its onboard speaker and built-in sounds.


Hold Chorda flat like a keyboard or strum it like a guitar: whatever your flavor, Chorda adapts to the way you play!


You've got questions, we've got answers.

Playing a white Orba by Artiphon sitting down in a tennis court

Smart instruments for everyday creativity.

We’re a company made up of musicians, non-musicians, and creatives who want to bring the joy of musical creation to everyone in the world. We believe all people are inherently musical, and that design and technology can bring that potential to life.

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